VBS at Shalom Academy

   Recently Vacation Bible School was conducted at Shalom Academy to benefit the students and staff. One goal was to see attendees renew their relationship with God or to see the absence and need of such a relationship. A total of 320 students enrolled in the one-week long program.  Along with the students, we also had both Nepali and Meitei speaking Hindu parent groups and they too participated without any hesitation learning God’s word.  Based on the estimates and visual observation of the 320 students, 116 were recorded as having prayed to received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and King.

News from Field Workers

Siliguri Church Planting Mission

The following reports were filed by Pastor-teacher Lun Singsit, about recent happenings in and around Siliguri and across Nepal.

We praise God for the blessings of health and the enabling power of God that keeps us going on for the Lord in a Hindu-dominated part of India. We are particularly thrilled to resume a neighborhood Bible study at Tumba Jote Matigara. Everyone rejoices for the resumption of the Bible study and for renewing of fellowship. The Bible study was discontinued since moving the ministry to a new location and on account of the distance. The Bible study group is set up as a house-church, and for most that attend, is the only church they know.

About a month ago we experienced a tragic situation in our fellowship, a baby of a young mother died two weeks prior to delivery. Doctors wanted to surgically remove and charge the mother R31500 ($750 US), money she didn’t have.  The church began to pray and the doctors changed their minds delivering the dead baby by induced labor. Our God is a wonderful God as He was able to change a profit-driven doctor’s mind to do the proper thing and deliver the dead baby the normal way.

Recent developments in Nepal

Many of you heard the news about radical Hindus targeting churches by threatening and scaring them by blasting bombs near and around the churches. The truth of the matter is that the Nepal Parliament (equivalent to the US House of Representatives), passed a Freedom of Religion Bill which became the law of the land—a huge move for a country known for her commitment to the Hindu religion for decades. The Nepal Parliament decision ignited an economic response from neighboring Hindu-led government of India by imposing an economic blockade to Nepal.  The response temporarily crippled the country, nevertheless praise God they are not surrendering their new found freedom.

On the Home Front

Chong has been able to take some time off from work here and there thereby getting a few projects done around the house. Work is still stressful and too much, but being able to take time off does help.  The kids are back in school and enjoying the year. A couple of changes on how we approach the year made huge differences in attitudes and how much work is actually getting accomplished. For that we are grateful.  Kamlen earned his Black Belt in Taekwondo in August, finishing that goal.  He hasn’t decided what he wants to do now. He has talked about learning an instrument or possibly getting involved in some sport. We’ll see. Kimhoili worked hard this past summer to stay healthy (asthma and allergies under control) so she could participate in The Nutcracker Ballet this December with a local dance group. She auditioned a few weeks back and has two parts—one as a gingerbread in Act 1, just before the mice come out and the tree grows; the second in Act 2 as one of three escorts for Clara as she gets permission to sit and watch the festivities. Life is very different now with ballet being the Saturday focus instead of taekwondo competition team.  But it is all good. We are thankful for how the kids are growing (12 now!!) physically, spiritually, mentally, academically, and every other way.  God has blessed us and for that we are thankful.

Rejoicing with those on the frontline,  Chong, Rhoda and the kids,