TL Shalom Academy is located at Bethlehem Veng, Motbung, Sadar Hills Kangpokpi District, Manipur, 27 km North of the capital city Imphal.

The Nursery School Kindergarden Division IS academic in nature. Students are taught basic school habits and Social skills.


“The Truth Shall Make You Free”..


How Shalom Academy got its name?
Much of Northeast India is torn by unrest. There is no peace:
Politically, Socially, Economically, Especially Spiritually. Even the church is nominal at best with no clear message of “Good News” and God’s peace to those in need. Jehovah Shalom – one of the many names of God. Shalom – PEACE. With a desire to have a haven, a place of refuge, and a place of peace for the children, Shalom Academy was born. Location – Shalom Academy is situated in the beautiful foothills of the Himalaya Mountain State of Manipur, in Northeast India. Manipur is 1.5 hours by air from the city of Calcutta. Motbung, where Shalom is located, is a major center in the region for trade and education. The major ethnic groups here: Thadou Kuki, Meitei, and Nepalese. The Meitei and Nepalese are Hindu in background.The Bible is taught daily as Moral Science, and Jesus is proclaimed as the only God. Children hear daily of His saving work in chapel.

Currently Shalom Academy is licensed through the 10th class/grade.