From The President

Wednesday, 08 December 2010 21:31

The heart of world missions is the Church, God’s chosen vehicle through which a broken heart is healed, a broken relationship is repaired, and much more—a sinner is forgiven and restored to right standing with God. Since the Church is God’s primary means of reaching the world, the business of Shalom Native Mission, Inc. also centers on the Church. A primary goal of many mission agencies today is to take the Gospel to people independent of God. Shalom Native Mission, Inc. is a mission organization with two key objectives: planting New Testament Baptist churches and equipping native pastors and other Christian leaders in their own context. Providing leadership training and supporting the on-going work are a major way in which we fulfill our goals. Christian education endeavors is the means by which the non-churched crowd is evangelized in worldwide mission. The impact of training goes beyond the mere acquiring of knowledge, but to the building of a firm foundation of a lifetime and on into eternity.

The Shalom Native Mission, Inc. is not a typical missionary sending agency nor does it actively recruit missionaries. The Mission is unique in that it began with a burden for souls to training and to equipping nationals in India extending to its neighbors. When the need arose we consider two kinds of missionaries: 1) individuals with a burden to train and equip nationals; and 2) Biblically sound and deserving national Christian leaders, such as pastors, evangelists etc., that are recommended for support. Five years ago we started a Bible college to meet the training need. The training of a small, dedicated contingent of people at Northeast Baptist College is a step in the right direction. The outreach of our mission is a partnership between local Baptist churches in the West and Baptist churches in the sub-continent of India to carry out the great commission. This unique partnership overcomes cultural and language barriers and joins East and West to best utilize God’s resources. The partnership also provides opportunity for native pastors and pastors from the West a forum to share mutual interests and vision. (SNM statement of faith)

Dr. Chong Singsit