It was the vision of my late father, Tongkam Singsit, to start Christian school and teach the tribal people how to read so they could read God’s word and get saved. That vision was only partially fulfilled due to my father’s premature death. Education was introduced into the society, but many had yet to learn of the Christ that came to save them. To continue this vision, my sister, Phalkho, and I started Shalom Academy in 1984, a Christian school with the goal of reaching young people for Christ. We realized that without good Christian education, many of the young people were drifting into drugs and alcohol, never even mindful of the Gospel. Also, because of the magnitude of corruption in Indian society, including in the church, there was no clear guidance on Christian living or the importance of knowing Christ.The purpose was clear—have a Christian school with dedicated teachers who could impart quality education and sound moral training so that the students could learn balanced judgment and praiseworthy character, with spiritual, moral, and mental growth getting top priority so that every choice that God offers to man might be theirs at the time of adulthood. From that start in 1984 with 48 students, today we have about 500 students with 50-100 coming to know Christ yearly either through chapel, VBS (held yearly at the school), or through personal counseling. My niece, Hoinu, is overseeing the school ministry. She has a Master’s Degree in Christian School Administration from Landmark Baptist College. The Lord is using her to reach many young people. Hindu parents won’t send their children to church, but they have no problem sending them to Shalom Academy. These parents don’t understand, however, that their children are exposed to more Bible in the school than in a typical Baptist church in the area. How exciting to see some of the Hindu children coming to know Christ. Through the years there has been much opposition to Shalom—mainly for the stand we take: no corruption allowed among the teachers, no bribe taking, no changing of grades or favoritism; a child receives the grade they worked for. The Bible is taught as a Moral Science every day. The school year runs February to mid December. In June there is a holiday period to enable VBS to take place. We hire teachers from Christian and Hindu backgrounds. Some ask why we hire non-Christians in a Christian school. Two reasons: 1) we cannot afford to pay our teachers what the other schools in the area pay. Most “Christians” will not work for the pay we give and the standards we have set. 2) We have seen many of our unsaved teachers come to salvation, go on to Bible School, and become effective evangelists and pastors. We not only reach the children, but the teachers. When we are able, we hire a chaplain to lead the chapel services and personal counseling times. We also have Bible students from NE Bible College come help with the chapel periods. On days when they cannot come and the chaplain is not available, Helun Singsit, Chong’s brother, a Bible graduate from Berean Baptist Bible College, leads the chapel. Please pray for these chapel periods as Jesus is lifted up before the students and teachers.

Currently Shalom Academy is licensed through the 10th class/grade. Our desire is to see Shalom licensed through the 12th class/grade. Upgrades on existing buildings need to take place, plus additional classrooms need to be built to accommodate the higher classes. Another goal is to build a dormitory as this would help bring in students from the surrounding countryside. Many students desire to attend Shalom, but due to financial burdens, or distance problems, they cannot come. With a dormitory, many could be housed with house parents and receive a good education and spiritual training. We estimate the cost of constructing a new classroom/dormer building at $30,000.

Shalom Academy,2019

How Shalom Academy got its name?

Much of Northeast India is torn by unrest. There is no peace:

Politically, Socially, Economically, Especially Spiritually. Even the church is nominal at best with no clear message of “Good News” and God’s peace to those in need. Jehovah Shalom – one of the many names of God. Shalom – PEACE. With a desire to have a haven, a place of refuge, and a place of peace for the children, Shalom Academy was born. Location

Shalom Academy is situated in the beautiful foothills of the Himalaya Mountain State of Manipur, in Northeast India. Manipur is 1.5 hours by air from the city of Calcutta.

Motbung, where Shalom is located, is a major center in the region for trade and education. The major ethnic groups here: Thadou Kuki, Meitei, and Nepalese. The Meitei and Nepalese are Hindu in background. They oppose Christianity in that Jesus Christ is THE ONLY God. But they have no qualms in sending their children to a Christian school where they will learn good moral teaching. The Bible is taught daily as Moral Science, and Jesus is proclaimed as the only God. Children hear daily of His saving work in chapel.

Northeast Baptist College

Motbung, Manipur: INDIA

Historical Background

Before I discuss Northeast Baptist College started in 2005, it is important to write about the historical background of the Fundamental Baptist Movement in Northeast India. The fundamental Baptist movement begins with the conversion of one young man and his responding to God’s call to full time service. With no guidance or support, only a willingness to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit to equip him for the task, led this young man to the beginning of a fundamental movement in NE India. His name is Lun Singsit whose single-minded purpose and devotion paved the way for the fundamental movement in NE India. Shortly after he was saved, God called him to Berean Baptist Bible College in Southern India in 1969. The college imparted knowledge, shaped Biblical conviction, and developed a passion within him for reaching and training others in the things of God. He has a Master and Doctor in Theology, but more importantly, he loves God’s word and his Savior. Lun began the ministry by forming a singing team, New Life Crusaders, in 1975 that rapidly grew to become a church-planting ministry. His younger brother, Chong Singsit, after completing his studies in 1978, joined him and the team established the first church, Bible Baptist Church, in Imphal in 1979. Today, Bible Baptist Church is active and has started two church plants in the Imphal area, primarily for those from Hindu backgrounds. Since then several other churches were started in various remote places in Manipur. Currently there are 13 churches within the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur (FBFM), formed to strengthen the churches.

Lun, joined by his wife Heshi, put together a team of dedicated Bible graduates and started Northeast Baptist College in 2005 on the campus of Shalom Academy. The idea was met with challenges both internal and external, but through it all, God prevailed. Lun’s vision of starting a Bible College stems from the desire to train and equip lay leaders to start independent Baptist Churches in Northeast India, Nepal and Burma that preaches and teaches the whole council of God. His passion for training and equipping native pastors and evangelists become reality when Northeast Baptist College was started. Proper training is not only essential and Scriptural, but commands to fulfill “commit thou to faithful men.” God’s faithfulness is seen throughout NBC’s short history. Photographs show the first and second classes of graduating students in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Northeast Baptist College – Needs

The college has performed two graduation exercises. The last graduation of thirteen students was held October 2010 and attended by nearly four hundred people. In light of this, I would like to present some facts about the Bible College to give you an opportunity to invest in the worthy cause of transforming lives and bringing Christ the hope of glory to others. We genuinely believe that NBC is needed to impart solid Bible teaching and to correct and dispel false teachings by other colleges in the area. NBC has no building or financial support to meet the expenses incurred every day. Classes are held in borrowed rooms from Shalom Academy. The limited budget from which it operates is from funds raised by Chong. Plans are underway to open a separate campus with its own building within the next two years. Estimated costs for the first phase of the project are $50,000. This amount does not include money needed for the purchase of land, which has been promised by believers in India. On-going negotiation for land purchase is underway and we will soon know if we can get the land. There are two main objectives for Northeast Baptist College as given below. However, these objectives will not be a reality without your participation in prayer and financial support. Below is the proposed budget to run the college for the next three years (this is an estimate only).

To train and equip leaders to start independent, Bible preaching, soul winning churches in Northeast India, Nepal, and Burma.

To become a center for sound Biblical teaching and training church planters for the glory of God.

Purchase of land about 3.5 acres — $25,000Building construction — $50,000

Budget Needs Three-Year Plans—2011– 2014

Year 2011-2012 Number $ / Person Monthly Annual
Faculty/ Staff 5 $150 $750 $7,500
Students 20 $25 $500 $5,000
Recurring budget 10 months $50 $500
Sub- Total $175 $1,300 $13,000

Year 2012-2013
Faculty/ Staff 5 $155 $775 $7,750
Students 30 $25 $750 $7,500
Recurring budget 10 months $60 $600
Sub- Total $180 $1,585 $15,850

Year 2013-2014
Faculty/ Staff 6 $160 $960 $9,600
Students 40 $25 $1000 $10,000
Recurring budget 10 months $65 $650
Sub- Total $185 $2,025 $20,250
Grand Total $540 $4,910 $49,100

Student costs include food, room and board. The purpose for providing these items: most of our students cannot afford higher education and would not be able to get the training needed if not provided for them. Our goal is to train and equip leaders to go forth to train others.