Why we need God’s presence today?

Today’s devotion is taken from Exodus where Moses confides with God and entreats God to go with the people for he knew that without God’s presence they would not make it. “And he (God) said, my presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.” (Exodus 33:14) Eleven years ago the Lord spoke to me from this verse and assured me of two things—his presence and his rest. Recently my pastor used this same verse in his message. The emphasis was not the same, however simply reading it out loud was enough to draw my attention and was a good reminder of God’s faithfulness. I strongly felt the need for the presence of God in my life right now. For too long I have tread a path of life without really needing God and the Scriptures—even to the point of not needing his wise counsel. Running your own life without God’s wise counsel is not only foolish but dangerous. I thank my God for his unfailing grace that wooed me back to himself by the tugging of the Holy Spirit in my heart. I also thank God for his unfailing love for me. Because of that love and faithfulness I can sing with the Psalmist “he brought me up also out of the horrible pit and out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock and established my going.” You may be one whose going has been established on firm a foundation, but take heed lest you fall back and believe a lie.

There are two important words in this passage: God’s presence and rest. These words can impact your life if they abide in you and become a daily force in your life. Simply put, you will do no wrong, no sin, and have no evil thoughts when in God’s presence and rest. There is no darkness in his presence nor do we desire to sin while in his presence. We move away from God when we sin, though he never leaves nor forsakes us. He may chastise but only because he is a loving Savior. The second word is rest. The Scripture warns us that there is no rest for the wicked, whereas on the contrary the Lord Jesus invites all to take his yoke that is easy (fitting) to find the rest of your soul for he cares for you. To sum up, God’s presence and rest go hand in hand just as two sides of the same coin fit together. The manifestation of a coin is incomplete without showing both sides. Likewise you can’t experience the peace of God without resting in the presence of God. Oh how important it is to rest in the presence of God in our busy Western culture where we kill ourselves with more work hours thereby adding unhappy hours that result in no time for God or family and catch us in an unending cycle of cobwebs spun by the skillful hand of the devil. I still have a long way to go to unravel many of those cobwebs I’ve allowed in my life, but by God’s grace and faithfulness, I strive for his presence and rest in my life.

Shalom Academy

The new school year began in February with a slightly less number of students enrolling for the 2018 school year. Enrollment is not over yet as traditionally recurring students generally are late taking admission and waiting until the last minute, so we have a couple of more weeks to see if changes need to be brought about. Eventually we see the student number reaching the 400 mark.

There were some unexpected changes that affected the opening of new school year. The resignation of the Head Master (Principal) a couple of weeks before the beginning of the school year, threatened to upset things, but Hoinu is taking on those responsibilities along with her Administrator work until a Head Master can be found to help lighten the load. Also, the unexpected departure of a beloved teacher,

Kamminlen, who succumbed to the cancer he was fighting. However, these setbacks were not powerful enough to stop the work of God and Shalom started on schedule.

Field Report from Pastor Lun Singsit

Open Air Preaching and witnessing

During the Christmas season we had two gospel meetings in our compound. The first meeting was held December 7, as a tent meeting. More than 61 people attended, with 95% being non-Christian. The Gospel message focused on the birth, resurrection, the second coming of Christ, and the saving knowledge of Christ. A special lunch was provided after the meeting. The people listened to the message attentively but there was no immediate response. We were disappointed at this response, but we prayed and left it in God’s hands. Pray with us that God may touch their hearts to come to Christ for salvation.

On December 25th and again on New Year’s morning, we invited seven unbelieving friends for lunch in order to present the gospel and talk to them about Christ. This is one way that we can present the gospel to Hindu friends.

Bible translation

The rechecking of the Thadou-Kuki translation of the KJV New Testament is still going on. The re- checking work is complete from Matthew to Galatians. Let us remember to pray for the printing of this Bible.

In a previous report I asked you to pray for the salvation of an Indian Navy man. The Lord answered our prayers in that he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior, as did his wife, February 10, 2018. Pray for his spiritual growth and for healing of his physical sickness as he has Hepatitis B.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support. Because of your faithfulness, this ministry can go on. May God abundantly bless you all.

On the Home Front

Not much to add here—still too much stress for Chong at work, school for the kids with mom overseeing that, and a terrier mix terror that God brought our way just to liven things up. Little by little Callie is learning that she doesn’t rule this roost and that yes, she does have to play by the rules. Life lessons for all of us!

We are blessed to have your faithful support and prayers. On behalf of those in India, and ourselves, thank you.

Chong and Rhoda Singsit

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