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March 2014

Shalom Academy

As HOINU reflect on the wonderful trip in December-January to visit friends and family in the US and remember the many sweet memories she shared with the people she love and had opportunity to minister, to she is thanking the Lord for the opportunity given me to come. There were so many blessings the entire visit that she can’t help but thank the Lord and express my gratitude to all of you. As she return to the field where she is surrounded by problems and potentials, she chose the potentials over problems. Daily challenges from people who hate that we stand for truth she find that only Jesus can break down those defenses. My being there offers opportunity to share Christ to the insurgents whose objective is to distort truth and money and to rule by exerting the power of gun. Galatians 6:10 keeps me going, “And let us not be weary in well doing for we shall reap in due season if we faint not.”

Shortly upon arriving back in India she took a little time to rest and then began working quickly in putting together the team of teachers for the 2014 school year. Prior to the beginning of classes we had a teachers’ in-service training where God’s word was the main focus. At this point she had already encountered various insurgent groups, each with unique sets of demands. The insurgent problem continues to dominate and is becoming a bi-weekly problem that consumes many precious hours of my time. In spite of the obstacles, classes began February 1, 2014. We had the smallest student enrollment, around 300 students, of any recent new school year. Classes are smaller compared to previous years, yet the students were regular from day one of class and better behaved. This was pretty amazing.

Pastor Natum Singh Ministry Report (Bible Baptist Church)

The last two months we conducted Gospel meetings among the Hindu people in three different areas. Meeting attendance averaged 50 people. Two people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. He also counseled a man with special needs for spiritual restoration and was added to the local church. In another occasion, personal witnessing a Hindu girl was convicted of the Holy Spirit and accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal savior and Lord. She was baptized and added to the Church (BBC). God blessed the ministry of the church. Please pray for her as she faces stiff opposition from her family. Rejection from family even to the point of being kicked out from home is expected. One sign of God’s blessing was that the members are getting involved in cottage meetings and home visits. Along with her husband, Chaobihal (Natum Singh’s wife) made many home visits and in particular counseling with the wives. As a result, three women professed to believe in Christ. Please continue to pray for spiritual growth for the new believers.

Pastor Lun Singsit Ministry Report

After a period of three years or so wait God’s will prevailed and the piece of land He provided was dedicated with a dedication prayer on the grounds in Siliguri in February. The place was vacant for a few years because God was at work to unite hearts for a common goal that is to train Christian leaders. We believe this property is from the Lord and is to become a center for witness and training of Christianleaders. Phase one is to find someone trusted contractor and prepare the land for building ready. Phase 2 will be to lay the foundation for building and to begin the construction. The work is under way for fencing around the perimeter and a culvert in the road to the property. Helun also completed the Thadou New Testament translation and hopes to get it printed soon.

Pastor Jangam Singsit Ministry Report

In January Jangam began his role as pastor at Bethel Baptist Church in Keithelmanbi. He participated in VBS at Berea Baptist Church in January, where 111 students attended and 45 accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Also in January three young men were confronted in a personal witness where they surrendered and accepted Christ as their personal Savior. During the last week of February, Jangam went to Natjang Baptist Church for a new building dedication and preached there. Five people responded for salvation and took baptism. March 12-13 he visited Saikul and Songbam Baptist churches to preach the Gospel and speak against the cultivation of opium in the area. March 14-17 a men’s camp was conducted at Bethel Baptist Church. A portion of the funding for this camp was from local contributions. The last two months were busy with visiting FBFM (Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur) churches. He is thankful for the money he received to begin a pig farm for the purpose of generating a sustainable income. He praises God for the provision.

VBS Ministry

This past week VBS was held at Bethel Baptist Church with 362 students. Through your prayers and God’s Holy Spirit working amongst the students, 121 students accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. It was a time of trusting God to meet all our needs since we began VBS with no fixed amount of money as a budget. But God provided and VBS was successfully completed for His glory. Please continue to pray for these newly born again children, that they would stay faithful to the Lord.
On behalf of Indian team,

Chong & Rhoda Singsit with the kids

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