A Ministry of Lunkhosei Singsit, Siliguri, Gateway of N E India

Lunkhosei; was born to the late Tongkam Singsit, a Baptist preacher and the first national missionary sent by the American Baptist Convention in 1932 to the Thadou-Kuki tribes living in the North Western region of Burma (Myanmar). He is a man who shares his father’s passion of establishing New Testament Churches in the region. To pursue this vision, he began New Life Crusaders (NLC), a gospel crusade team in 1975, based on II Cor. 5:17. The Lord blessed this humble beginning and the first independent Bible Baptist Church was established in the state capital of Imphal in 1979. Two other churches established are Immanuel Baptist Church and Khanarok Baptist Church. He, along with several men began a fellowship of like-minded churches, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowhip of Manipur (FBFM), which currently has twelve churches.
Mr. & Mrs. Lun Singsit and daughter Kim

His brother, Chong Singsit, along with their sister Phalkhokim, began a Christian school ministry in 1984, Shalom Academy. Both the school and the church are still going strong, saving souls and establishing a testimony for Christ. The Christian school ministry plays a vital role in our efforts to reach the Hindus, who are a majority. However, Lun’s vision for future ministry was embedded in Church planting, training Christian leaders, and planting new Churches in neighboring countries. To accomplish this goal several initiatives are being attempted, some were implemented while others are in various stages of implementation.

The ministry HQ was moved to Siliguri in Northern India from Motbung, Manipur in 2012, a place where God led us to establish a Bible preaching New Testament Church and a leadership training center to reach India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar) and Tibet. This move was after 35 years made due largely to insurgency problems. We relocated the ministry to Siliguri for three specific reasons Siliguri: a) a city filled with spiritual darkness, b) a gateway to Northeast India in commerce and transportation, and c) away from the reach of insurgency.
Northeast Bible College Students Classroom

Past, present and future plans

I am writing to those that support us, those who pray for us, and to introduce to those new to our ministry. There is power in prayer and financial support, especially if you are in the front line facing daily challenges. Here are some past highlights, projects in progress, and future plans. There are four specific areas of ministries we will focus in the first five years. 1) to establish a local New Testament Baptist Church; 2) to re-establish a Christian leadership training center; 3) to begin pre-school programs; and 4) continue and complete the Bible translation work.

Shalom Academy Christian Education Center

This past year we witnessed God’s word penetrating the Buddhist heart—shortly after we arrived at Siliguri we began a house fellowship with just two families. Now we have 3-5 families and several singles on regular basis. Pray regularly for us so that a Church might be established in the area. Last fall, a great conversion took place when at a two-day spiritual life convention, at Rishihat Tea Estate near Darjeeling, several Buddhist families saw the Lord at work. A Buddhist couple trusted Christ and was gloriously saved. The new believers obeyed the Lord in water baptism. Another couple was restored to a right relationship with the Lord and to one another. The Lord saved six souls since we started the ministry in Siliguri, West Bengal.

Lun Preaching in House Fellowship

Present day ministry—Lun is involved in Bible translation work, planning for upcoming building projects for the Christian Leadership Training Center alongside Northeast Baptist College. Preaching, reaching, and teaching the neighborhood are goals bearing fruit. Initially, the team will be represented by three families, as Lun’s family will be joined by two other families to carry out the Great Commission. Recently Lun baptized several youth after being counseled. The printing of Nepali tract and the translation of the Bible into Thadou are underway. And Lun is still the associate pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church back in Motbung.

Future plan—there are several new initiatives in the plan.

The construction of Northeast Baptist College as part of the partial fulfillment of the Christian Leadership Training Center. We don’t have funds, but we have faith to trust the Lord.

The Good Seed Ministry is taken from the parable of the sower in Mathew where good seeds were sown in anticipation of a hundred-fold return. This ministry will be represented by two different programs but with the same concept, the planting of God’s pure word to pre-school kids, and the planting of good agriculture seeds to support the ministry. The objective is reaching Hindus children and families with God’s word, while supporting the pre-school by raising vegetable gardens.

Praying for the Lord’s timing and direction to see the present house fellowship to become a Bible preaching independent Baptist Church.

Darkness covered Siliguri, A Hindu God is being carried ‘cause he can’t move
Leaders of Fundamental Baptist Churches

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