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Newsletter may 2013

To give more space my devotional thoughts portion has been excluded in this newsletter. In the midst of uncertainty about the economy or jobs, the certainty of death is still real and the judgment of God we all will face someday. But the good news is Jesus made the way of escape by purchasing our redemption by dying and rising again for us. God provided this wonderful plan of salvation to all those who accepts the finished work of the cross.

Pastor Natum Singh’s Ministry Report

Pastor Natum hails from majority Hindu community called “Meitei”. Though from a Meitei background, Pastor Natum heard the gospel and trusted Jesus. He was called of God to pastor Bible Baptist Church in Imphal for the past fifteen years. Meitei gospel camps, home crusades, and door to door evangelism ministry characterize Pastor Natum’s ministry.

Ten men and women heard the Gospel message for the first time and responded with grateful hearts. Chaobi Devi, married to a Hindu believed Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, and Tomba Singh also accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. In obedience to the Lord’s command, sisters Sangita and Kimnu took believers baptism and were added to the church. In addition, brother Meghachandra of Khanarok has returned to the Lord and showing good signs, one being active in Church again. Another worthy note is a dear Hindu friend Tondon Singh has trusted the Lord and is born again. (Editor’s note: Finally, even though we are miles apart, it thrills my heart to know our partnership is in the Lord and that we are laboring together.)
New Territories Claimed for Christ (Pastors Lun Singsit and Pastor Kamal Gurung)

These two pastors have stepped into a predominantly Hindu area to begin a new Church plant. About one year ago Pastor Lun responded to God’s call and moved his family to Siliguri, West Bengal, in Northern India. Siliguri is a place where God led them to establish a Bible preaching

New Testament Church and the leadership training center to reach India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma (Myanmar) and Tibet. There are three specific reasons why we chose Siliguri: a) a city filled with spiritual darkness, b) a gateway to Northeast India in commerce and transportation, and c) away from the reach of insurgency in NE India.

The Ministry of Pastor Kamal goes beyond Siliguri, into Nepal and Bhutan since relocating his family to Siliguri. Their desire and prayer has been to be strengthened of the Lord daily to impact by making a difference by the grace of God. His main objective is to start a brand new church in the Siliguri areas for the Nepali speaking population. In addition, he is working with other pastors and gospel workers in the neighboring countries and states within the union of India. Pastor Kamal is networking with other gospel workers like Pastor Paul Ghatraj, pastor of a small congregation at Pugli bordering Bhutan, along with his brother Simon teaches a children’s Bible class running up to 25 children, mostly Hindu children. Another pastor from Karbi Anglong in Assam, bordering Dimapur, Nagaland along with Pastor Lun, all joining hands together participated in a Bible camp April 17-19 with the main emphasis on evangelism.

Women’s Ministry by Lhingkhokim

In the past two months, God enabled Lhingkhokim to lead the women’s fellowship three times. Every Monday and Tuesday, family prayer meeting was conducted amongst different families. Spoke two times in youth meetings and distributed tracts on the streets; witnessed to five people, two of whom accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Please continue to pray for the other three people and for their salvation. Please pray for Lhingkhokim, her family and for her ministry. Thank you.

Reaching Neighbors—Jangam Singsit

Several opportunities to preach and minister God’s word were presented to Jangam, who used the occasions to glorify the LORD. A special New Year’s message was delivered at Bible Baptist Church Imphal. Feb 19-22, 2013, he went to Myanmar (Burma) for preaching and other ministry related activities. Preached at Janglenphai (Eph.1:1-6), conducted prayer meeting at Tamu (Border town of Myanmar), and also in Moreh (Border Town of India), where some of our friends and missionaries are staying. Ministering in Burma and reaching neighboring countries is the new strategy of the New Life Crusaders “Reaching neighbors”. Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur (FBFM) of sponsor Bible Conference held at Songbem Baptist Church April 17-19, 2013. The FBFM is the oldest fundamental group in the region. There are several churches of like faith and practice joined together formed the FBFM. There are some ten or so churches in the fellowship. The purpose of the FBFM is to know Christ and to make him known.

The Bible conference was scheduled twice and cancelled both times. The conference was hosted by a remote village Church, Songbem Baptist Church and well over 200 were in attendance. There were six speakers all together covering various topics religious cults, false teaching, Christian home, raising children God’s way and prophecy. The conference was organized and sponsored by the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Manipur. The majority of those who attended expressed real positive experience, I believe largely the Holy Spirit was at work. The speakers were prepared and delivered God’s word with power and challenged their hearts for a higher calling. The true impact of this Bible conference is yet to be determined as they began to live out in the world.

On the Home Front

Both kids are growing physically, mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. Recently discovering in their walk with the Lord that their greatest enemy is themselves, and doing what is right even when you don’t want to has been a hard lesson to learn. (One I’m afraid we battle our whole lives long!) But the encouraging thing is they are not giving up. Just praying for the Lord to help once and then moving on is not enough. Sometimes we have to pray over and over and over again for the very same thing. (Siblings through and through they either love each other or just can’t stand each other. Good to know that our children are normal!) But the heart within each of them is to love the Lord and obey –even when they don’t want to. A hard lesson to learn, but an important one, especially while young.

Chong finds himself busy all the time between work, the ministry in India, and in trying to keep our home in working order. Each is a full time job. But little by little, at least the house part is coming along. Rhoda is keeping her head afloat in homeschooling the kids and doing her part in keeping the house in working order. She even spent a few afternoons outside with a passel of neighborhood kids playing in the front yard while working on some flower beds. Currently they can’t play in the backyard due to a large hole Chong dug in hopes of creating a fish pond for our three goldfish that not only have survived, but are doing incredibly well in a 10 gallon tank. (As if he has time for adding this to his schedule! But his secret dream in each home we have lived has been to have a fish pond. He just might get it this time.) Looking forward to seeing just how large a goldfish can grow. Feel free to come check them out for yourself. It’s about time for another Mt. St. Helen’s run, so come on and join us.

In Him and on behalf of Indian Team,
Chong, Rhoda and the kids

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